A wine bar in Houston that really “gets” Lambrusco. Thank you, 13 Celsius, for this wonderful post!

On Wednesday of this week — the 1st of May aka “May Day” or “International Workers’ Day” — the popular Houston wine bar 13 Celsius posted the following on their social media:

    May 1st aka May Day (aka International Worker’s Day) is celebrated as a public holiday in many countries around the world. In Italy, Emilia Romagna is the home to many working-class people whose beverage of choice is the local Lambrusco. So in their honor and to the others around the world, we are offering Lini Lambrusco for $5/glass all night long.

Thank you, 13 Celsius, for this wonderful post! You really “get” Lambrusco.

One of the things that makes Italian wine so great is the culture behind every bottle of wine. The history and culture of a given wine don’t make it taste better necessarily. But they can enhance the drinking experience in truly profound ways.

We were so happy to read this post by the sweet folks at “13” (as it is known among Houston wine professionals). Lambrusco is often called the “wine of freedom” or the “wine of the people.” And there’s a good reason for that: Lambrusco has always been associated with working families. In Emilia, where Lambrusco is produced, Lambrusco is often the only wine that people drink and serve in their homes. It’s delicious, it’s affordable, it’s food-friendly and easy to pair… it’s a wine for everyone.

And it’s so great to see our friends at 13 Celsius celebrate Lambrusco this way. They really “get it.”

Chapeau bas, 13! We love you guys!

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