Thank you, America, for such a warm welcome!

Above: Lini Lambrusco at Pizzeria Mercato in Carrboro, North Carolina.

Yesterday, Alicia wrapped her first Vini d’Italia tour with Winebow/Leonardo LoCascio Selections, Lini’s new U.S. importer.

“It’s just been amazing,” she said over WhatsApp. “The reception Lini has been getting has been simply fantastic. It’s been great to meet so many talented wine professionals in each of the three cities we visited. Wonderful!”

Above: Lini at five fifty-five in Portland, Maine.

“It’s our first tour with Winebow,” she told the Lini USA blog, “and so of course it’s a very emotional moment for me and my family: It’s always been our dream to work with a national importer like them and so it’s really a dream come true.”

“But the most wonderful thing,” she added, “was the warm welcome that we got along the way. In every city, people were so nice and excited to learn more about Lambrusco. I couldn’t be more grateful for the way we were received at every stop.”

A thousand thanks to the staff at Wineblow/LLS for organizing such a great series of events.

And heartfelt thanks to everyone who tasted with Alicia along the way.

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