A totally unique and innovative way to connect with the wine you love at Oak and Vine. #CanadaLove

“Ever find yourself wandering aimlessly among bottles of chardonnay and pinot noir at the liquor store,” ask the editors of the Oak and Vine wine shop in Calgary, Alberta, “wondering what to buy? Instead of organizing wines by region, Oak & Vine organizes our hand-picked wine selection by flavour and uses a colour-coded system to categorize bold, juicy, smooth, sweet, bubbles, mellow and crisp wines. Categorizing wine by flavour helps everyone from the newbie wine drinker, to the seasoned oenophile, take home a wine in their flavour wheelhouse.”

It’s a totally unique and innovative way to help people connect with the wines that we love.

And we couldn’t be more proud to be part of their amazing program.

Thank you Oak and Vine for your support of Lini wines! And THANK YOU for changing the way we understand wine! Your shop is super cool!

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