Last night Alicia hosted more than 50 guests at a sold out wine dinner at Roma restaurant in Houston.

Many local wine luminaries were in attendance, including Houston Chronicle wine writer, Dale Robertson “the Sporty Wine Guy” and many notable collectors.

It was a wonderful night to be in Texas! Heartfelt thanks to Roma owner Shanon Scott for inviting us to present our wines. What a fantastic event!

Join Vinitaly International director Stevie Kim, leading wine communicator Susannah Gold, and Alicia for a chat in Stevie’s Clubhouse “Ambassador’s Corner” this Friday, 9/24, at 8 p.m CET/2 p.m. EST.

Don’t miss this opportunity to interact with three of Italian wine’s leading professionals. Look for Stevie’s “Ambassador’s Corner” on Clubhouse.

We were thrilled to see the Lini family and the wines of Lini 910 featured on a fantastic Lambrusco-centric post by leading American wine blogger Susannah Gold, one of top experts on Italian wine in the country.

Her blog, Avvinare, is a great resource for Italian wine education.

We love how she talked about Lambrusco in cultural, historic, and gastronomic contexts. That’s the type of wine writing, in our humble opinion, that gives readers a broader perspective on the wine — and even more reason to enjoy it!

Brava Susannah! Grazie per il post bellissimo!

Click here for her wonderful post.

We couldn’t be more thrilled that Alicia will be virtually presenting a flight of her wines this Friday, May 28, at 5 p.m. PST.

The event will be hosted by the Wine Country in Long Beach, California, where sparkling wine expert Samantha Dugan who runs one of the best bubbly programs in the country.

Guests in Long Beach can purchase and pick up the wines for the event at the store. But all are welcome for this Zoom call.

Please send an email to our blog runner Jeremy, who will also be speaking about Alicia’s wines, if you would like to get the link.

We hope to “see” you then! Thanks for the support!

We were so thrilled to learn that Wanda Mann (above), one of our favorite American wine writers, will be appearing on a panel entitled “The Language of Wine” at the 2021 Symposium for Professional Wine Writers at Meadowood Napa Valley in May.

She’ll be joined by other top names in wine writing today like (our friend) Ray Isle (Food & Wine), Erica Duecy (Pix), Reva Singh (Sommelier India Wine Magazine), and Jeannie Cho Lee (The Asian Palate).

One thing that’s really cool about this year’s virtual gathering (one of the wine writing world’s most prestigious, if not the most prestigious) is that the entire program will be offered online. In the past, of course, you had to travel to Napa to attend.

Professional wine writers can apply here.

Some of our friends will remember that Wanda did a live interview with Alicia last summer. Check it out here. It’s been great to follow her career and her meteoric rise as one of the country’s highest-profile wine writers. We hope we “see” you on the occasion of her panel!

On Saturday, March 27, at 5 p.m. EST, Alicia will be joining celebrity sommelier Heath Porter for a virtual tasting of her family’s wines in Miami (although guests can tune in from anywhere).

Click here for details and registration info.

That’s the tasting laboratory at the offices of Wine Spectator magazine in midtown Manhattan.

And here are the magazine’s most recent scores for our wines.

Lambrusco In Correggio Scuro 89 (2020)
Lambrusco In Correggio Rosé 89 (2020)
Lambrusco Labrusca Rosso 88 (2020)
Lambrusco Labrusca Rosé 88 (2020)

You may remember that the editors named the Lini Lambrusco Labrusca Rosé their number-one “Best Sparkling Value” back in 2019.

And in 2020 they named the Lini Lambrusco Labrusca Rosso one of their overall “Best Values.”

Those are just a few highlights from our recent mentions and accolades in the U.S. media.

See all of our mentions in the press here.

Above: American sommelier Heath Porter at the Château de Bagnols in Beaujolais (pre-pandemic photo).

On Saturday, March 27, at 5 p.m. EST, Alicia will be joining celebrity sommelier Heath Porter for a virtual tasting of her family’s wines in Miami (although guests can tune in from anywhere).

Click here for details and registration info.

Heath managed some of the most critically acclaimed wine lists in the U.S. before launching his wine tours business, Heathen Wine Tours, a few years ago. With travel on hold, he has now shifted to virtual and socially distanced events.

Check out this interview with Heath about how he has managed to rebuild a successful business in the time of the pandemic (by our blog master).

This is just the first in a series of virtual events where Alicia will be appearing in upcoming weeks. Be sure to stay tuned for more opportunities to taste and interact with her. – December 21, 2020

In “The 20 Best Sparkling Wines to Drink in 2020,” Vicki Denig recommends the best sparkling wines to celebrate with this year, with input from Sam Stoppelmoor, Wine Director and General Manager at La Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels in New York. Among them:

LINI 910 Labrusca Rosso NV (Best Sparkling Red)

“There’s a reason why Italians drink lambrusco all day long – it’s fruity, it’s relatively low alcohol, and it’s seriously tasty. Lini ‘910’ is produced from sustainably-farmed fruit via the Martinotti (Charmat) method. Flavors of ripe red fruit and forest berries jump from the wine’s juicy palate – think of this stuff like grape juice for adults. Sip with Asian takeout favorites, pizza, or barbecue dishes.”

Uproxx – December 19, 2020

In “Sauce Up Your Pizza Night With These Wines Under $35,” Janice Williams recommends wines to “elevate even the most basic of mid-week pizza nights.” Among them:

LINI 910 Labrusca Bianco NV

“Hailing from the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, this is a white wine that’s drier than the napkin you’ll need to dab your grease-covered lips with after biting into a white pie. And yet, somehow, it displays a level of freshness that balances the decadent ricotta and olive oil topping on that classic pizza iteration. Because this is made completely of Salamino grapes, the smells of crisp pear and hard lemon candies from your grandmother’s purse spill out the bottle. On the palate, this wine is intense with stony acidity – probably a nod to the cement vats it’s aged in. It displays crisp expressions of citrus that last throughout its generous lingering finish. You know those pizzas that are so amazingly decadent that it’s hard to breathe after wolfing down a slice? Well, this wine is the dry, frothy air to revive your lungs. Wash out your palate with this, and get ready for the next bite.”

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones from the Lini family. Thank you for all your support this year. Wishing everyone a happy and healthy holiday season. #grateful #Thanksgiving2020 #HappyHolidays